The UK’s Best Hiking Trails – Part 4

The UK’s Best Hiking Trails – Part 4

This is the concluding part of our epic blog to discover the best hiking trails that exist in the UK, in part three we left the Scottish Highlands just as the weather was closing in. In this blog we walk trails over the North Downs, follow the historic Roman Way and tackle the difficult Glyndwr’s Way.

Roman Way – Cotswold

Start – Coln St Aldwyns

This trail is a gentle ramble through archaeologically intriguing countryside right in the heart of middle England, namely the Cotswolds. The trail starts at Coln St Aldwyns in the Coln river valley and continues on through picturesque and quaint villages, and then crosses over limestone heights before reaching Cirencester. Towards the end is a real treat, as you near Cirencester there is an ancient Roman amphitheater covered over with grass. Leave a little time at the end of your hike to take in the Roman museum as it has some great Roman artifacts to see.

North Downs Way – Surrey / Kent

Start – Farnham

This enchanting trail made history in 2016 as it became the first national trail in Britain that was captured on Google Street View for the length of its entirety. This brought hiking into another era as walkers can see the trail, check the terrain and even book into pubs for lunch or an overnight stay.

This trail is close to busy main highways which does put some walkers off from taking it, but it is well worth exploring if you have the inclination. And if you do take a go at it you will be richly rewarded as it mostly weaves its way through areas of English countryside that have outstanding beauty. Not only this but it passes through parts of the country that teem with historical relevance, including Roman ways and medieval pilgrim routes.

Glyndwr’s Way – Mid-Wales

Start – Knighton

This is a serious walking trail that only expert hikers should attempt. Glyndwr’s way takes you through some pretty tough terrain in the wilds of Wales. You can walk for miles without passing another person and, logistically, trying to navigate this route can be a nightmare.

So why does anybody venture on such a hard walk? Well, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Anytime on the trail expect to encounter forests, lakes, rolling hills, gentle mountains, high moors and a rich green and luscious landscape. In other words, Glyndwr’s Way has it all, think of every other walking trail and picture its best features; well in this epic trek you have them all combined in one.

The full trail goes from Knighton to Welshpool which is a 135-mile hard slog, and if you really want to take this difficult walk on, you should do it in stages and have overnight stops. Not every village has a pub or somewhere to stay, so do your homework first before you place your boots up.

The marvelous Glyndwr’s Way concludes our journey to tackle some of the very best walking trails in Britain. We have been to Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and seen some of the very best countryside that the British Isles has to offer.