The World’s Greatest Walks – Part 1

The World’s Greatest Walks – Part 1

If you love to travel like a pilgrim on your own two feet, then you are probably familiar with taking long walks in highly unusual locations. In this series of blogs, we will be looking at some of the world’s most spectacular walks, some you might be aware of and others definitely not. We will be taking you to some of the remote parts of the planet and some more accessible. So, pull on your hiking boots, tie them securely and step out to a marvellous world of walking.

Inca Trail

Our first epic walk takes us to South America and Peru, to discover the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. Known locally as Camino Inka it is a hiking trail that combines three separate smaller trails which are the One Day, the Classic and the Mollepata. The highest part of the trek is on the Classic before you cross the infamous dead woman to terminate the walk at Machu Pichu. You will have to be physical fit to attend this rough trail through the Andes, your walk will take you through cloud forests and alpine tundra. Historically, you will see some fantastic ruins of ancient Inca settlements some of which are nearly 14,000 feet above sea level.  Finally, you will reach your destination, the Sun Gate of Machu Pichu, which is one of the most fabulous sights in the whole of South America. Machu Pichu rises like a great stone giant, strong and brash against the verdant green backdrop of the forest mountains that surround it.


Our next promenade would probably best suit mountain climbers than mere walkers, this complex of six Orthodox monasteries are all termed Meteora, which translates as middle of the sky. This Greek deception becomes apparent when you near the start point and see that the monasteries are actually perched on sandstone stacks on the brink of a plain. The trails are old overgrown tracks and are quite difficult to traverse through, the tracks eventually lead to towering steep stone steps that make their precarious way to the holy buildings. Meteora is a truly inspiring place, with overwhelming rocks towering above, the trek to Meteora is also a religious pilgrimage for some but is an awesome walk in its own right.

Bryce Canyon

This Utah geological masterpiece combines with the light so the whole canyon looks like ablaze with bright orange and blood-red hues. This alien landscape produces one of the most stunning walks in the entire United States. Rather than just one trail, due to the size and complexity of this jewel of nature, there are numerous loops and treks through the canyon. The most famous of them being the day-long loop called Fairyland and the enchanting Wall Street trail which winds its way through a disturbingly narrow gorge.

These three amazing walks are so different in terms of geography, geology and landscape. Each one is truly magnificent in its own right, and each one brings its own complexities to competent walkers. If you are thinking of taking a trek of a lifetime then you will not be disappointed with any one of our treks mentioned.