The UK’s Best Hiking Trails – Part 3

The UK’s Best Hiking Trails – Part 3

We began this extraordinary adventure of Britain’s best hiking trails in Northern Ireland and have ventured up to Scotland and walked over the causeway to Lindisfarne. In this third edition, we walk across East Sussex, wonder at the Walberswick nature reserve and climb the magnificent Falls of Glomach.

Seven Sisters – East Suffolk

Start – Seaford

This trail is a classic for those that love coastal paths and blustery conditions. The walk takes you along cliff tops of Alabaster chalk that are so famous for film directors to signify England. The Seven Sisters trail is a collection of undulating hilltops from Birling Gap to the delightfully named Cuckmere Haven. The track is not all summits, as it takes you down to the shoreline on occasions, perhaps for a brief dip if the weather is clement. The trail in this section is part of the South Downs Way and takes in Beachy Head, which is a 162-meter chalk cliff that is the tallest of its kind in Britain.

Walberswick Nature Reserve – Suffolk

Start – Southwold

Definitely the best time to tackle this walk is in the Springtime, as you can then see the marvelous wildlife in the grasslands. If you are a twitcher then this walk is for you, as some of the birds you can catch a glimpse of are terns, godwits, avocets, wigeons and pintails.

The trail encompasses reed beds, saline lagoons, estuary marshes, and even shingle beaches. Starting at Southwold village the trail takes you inland through Walberswick nature reserve and then down into an enchanting forest, returning back along sand dunes and mudflats. You have an option of throwing a loop into the trail by taking the ferry across the river from Walberswick to enjoy the other bank.

Falls of Glomach – Ross-shire

Start – Morvich

Eleven miles of some of the most picturesque scenery you can possibly encounter in the UK. The Falls of Glomach are dramatic in the extreme way, and at 114 metres it is the biggest waterfall anywhere is Britain. Though the roaring water is almost deafening as you get close, the Falls of Glomach are easy to miss. They have been called the hidden falls as a natural phenomenon almost hides them from view. The falls are based in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands and are situated in a very narrow gorge. The water, as it cascades down the gorge, causes a fine mist that contributes to the concealment.

Starting at Morvich you will climb uphill through a forest, eventually you will emerge from the tree line into the wilds of the highlands, remote and desolate but breathtakingly beautiful. Walkers that take this trail are normally experienced hikers and have the proper equipment, you will need also pack for all types of weather as it can be changeable in the extreme and catches many hikers unaware.

Part three of our blog ends in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands as the weather closes in, next in the fourth and concluding part of the UK’s best hiking trails we travel to the beautiful Cotswold’s, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Downs.